The End is Nigh Guide

The Hollows is below The Split. This world is all about darkness and limited light. Keep your wits about you!

The Hollows 1

Strategy: All you need to do in the first stage of The Hollows is dive of the upper platform and smash through the blocks below.

The Hollows 2

Strategy: Like the previous level, we will be breaking through the walls in The Hollows 2. Use the hook on the wall to launch yourself through the vertical wall. Continue down and smash through the floor.

The Hollows 3

Strategy: You need to do some in air movement in The Hollows 3. Jump over the spikes and aim for the middle of the first breakable wall. Smash down and redirect Ash to the right and smash down again.

The Hollows 4

Strategy: In this room, bounce off the glowing creature to make the jump over spikes. This gets you to the exit.

The Hollows 5

Strategy: There are two glowing enemies on the floor in The Hollows 5. These enemies allow us to bounce from the left of the room to the right. Once on the right side of the room, enter the small hole inside the pillar. This triggers the pillar to start collapsing. As soon as the pillar starts collapsing, jump to the hooks on the outer side and then jump over the spiked top to the exit.

The Hollows 6

Strategy: Flying glow guys! Hooray. Like the bouncing Skullfrogs in earlier worlds, we can use these enemies to make our way through the level. Bounce from one enemy to another; making your way from the left side of the screen to the right. The last jump you make requires the use of a baby jump, so be warned.

The Hollows 7

Strategy: When you enter The hollows 7, you see two enemies bouncing around the room. What you want to do is use the hooks on the right side of the room to access the middle hook on the left side. From the left hook all you need to do is smash through the wall on the right.

The Hollows 8

Strategy: The Hollows 8 is basically all about dodging enemies, avoiding spikes and running down tunnels. This is relatively simple, but can be frustrating due to the limited lighting available.

The Hollows 9

Strategy: This room is a bit more complicated than other rooms up to this point. You need to trigger a couple events before being able to reach the exit. First things first, grab the hook as soon as you enter the room. This triggers the removal of both pillars from the left and right of the screen. As the pillars drop, bounce off the enemy in the center of the room and jump to the upper left platform. On this platform is another hook. Pull it and immediately bounce back off the middle enemy and head to the right and the exit.

The Hollows 10

Strategy: New enemy here. These creatures on a chain swing in a counterclockwise fashion. HItting these enemies kill you. To get through this room simply swim under the first platform; jump over the small platform and then swim under the final platform.

The Hollows 11

Strategy:  Inside this room, we have two small platforms with chainfish circling around them. We need to time our jumps so that the landing is clear. Make sure you go at a decent speed as the fish will circle around and kill you. After you make it to the second platform, jump right onto the low hook. Use the hooks to reach the top of the spiked pillar. At the top, jump over the pillar and ground pound your way through the floor.

The Hollows 12

Strategy: Hollows 12 is all about timing. You need to time your climb so that you don’t get hit by the three circling chainfish. This will take a bit of practice to accomplish. All you need to do in this room, is climb the hooks on the left pillar to the top and then wall smash your way into the exit area.

The Hollows 13

Strategy: The Hollows 13 is swimming. That’s it. Since the water is poison, use the various little alcoves to reset the counter. Go from one to the other and this level is pretty easy.

The Hollows 14

Strategy: Start this level by swimming to the ledge Ash is on in the picture above. Next, jump the three pillars in the room. On the last pillar, turn around and jump to the hooks on the upper section of the middle pillar. Jump off the hook to help you wall smash the exit.

The Hollows 15

Strategy: All we need to do here, is take a running leap and then smash our way through the three breakable floors. You’ll need to aim Ash in order to do this correctly.

The Hollows – World Run Through Video

If My text guide failed you, take a look at this World Run through video I put together. This may help you visualize a bit more what my strategies were for completing each level in The Hollows


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