The End is Nigh Guide

Fans of Edmund McMillen games rejoice! The End is Nigh is the newest entry in the already twisted worlds of McMillen’s mind. This new game is the work of both McMillen and Tyler Glaiel, who are both gifted game creators. Like other games developed by McMillen and co, The End is Nigh promises to deliver a ton of content (600+ levels), as well as secrets galore. Hold to Reset is putting together an The End is Nigh guide to help get you through this beautiful game. Our The End is Nigh guide is broken up into two segments: Main Game, and Miscellaneous. Hope it helps! *This guide is now being updated*

Main Game

The Past:

1. The End (World 1)

2. The Arid Flats (World 2)

3. Overflow (World 3)

4. The Split (World 4)

5. The Hollows

6. Golgotha

7. Wall of Sorrow

8. SS Exodus

9. Retrograde

10. The Machine

11. Make Your Friend


The Future:

12. Anguish

13. Gloom



1.What is The End is Nigh?

2. Streams

3. Tumor + Mega Tumor Locations

4. Cartridge Locations

5. Key Locations

6. Endings

7. The End is Nigh Review


Come back to this The End is Nigh Guide for more updates!


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