The End is Nigh Endings

If you’ve played other McMillen games before, you will know that they usually have a bunch of endings. Like the other games, The End is Nigh also features a bunch of endings to achieve. Accessing these endings can range from the simple (beating The Past), to the more difficult (unlocking and beating Nevermore). Check out The End is Nigh Endings below.

1. Best Friend

How to unlock: To access the best friend ending, you need to beat The Past. To do this, you need to collect the head, body, and soul. This means finishing Golgotha, SS Exodus, and The Machine. Upon collecting all the body parts, return to Your House and interact with stand on the bottom floor. This triggers the Best Friend ending.

2. Acceptance

How to unlock: To unlock the Acceptance ending, you need to beat The Future. This means escaping the blast. Once you reach Acceptance 1, you need to jump into the portal to trigger this ending.

3. Nevermore

How to unlock: In order to unlock this ending, you need to beat Nevermore. Nevermore is a world after The Future that is only unlockable by collecting 450+ Tumors. Once you have enough tumors, head to acceptance and jump into the glowing orb with your friend inside. This unlocks Nevermore. Upon completion of Nevermore, you will get this ending.

Which of The End is Nigh Endings is your favorite? Let me know in The Pit below.


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