The End is Nigh Cartridge Guide

Tumors are one of the collectibles in The End is Nigh; the other collectible is the Cartridge. Each world has one cartridge hidden away and when a cartridge is found, you can play it on your home console. Here is our The End is Nigh cartridge guide.

The End Cartridge Location

Location: The End 15

Unlocks Game: Morta Man

Collect: The first cartridge in The End is Nigh is located in The End 15. Trigger the falling island and get on top as soon as possible. Run and jump to the far upper right ledge. Inside the next room you use the clouds to platform across the room and then use the fallen islands to make your way back to the Cartridge.

The Arid Flats Cartridge Locations

Location: Arid Flats 17

Unlocks Game: Blaster Massacre

Collect: This cartridge can be accessed through Arid Flats 17. When you enter Arid Flats 17 from the right side (backwards), a spring falls which gives you access to an area above. Get to the spring, go up and complete the small platforming section to get the The Arid Flats cartridge.

Overflow Cartridge

Location: Overflow 20

Unlocks Game: River City Rancid

Collect: In order to collect this cartridge, you need to head to The Split (area directly after Overflow). On the left side of the room, you will see a few blocks that look somewhat like a secret room. Access the secret room and then use the hooks to head up. Once in the rooms after the hooks, you need to jump onto a few platforms to reach the cartridge.

Wall of Sorrow Cartridge

Location: Wall of Sorrow 9

Unlocks Game: Ash Climber

Collect: To access the Wall of Sorrow, you need to choose to go up in The Split. Make your to Wall of Sorrow 9 and look along the left wall. You will see a small gap between spikes. Make your way up to the spikes and baby jump between them. In the next room is the cartridge.

SS Exodus

Location: SS Exodus 5 – Just after completing room 5 is a locked door.

Unlocks Game: Fallen Fantasy

Collect: To collect this cartridge, you need a spare key from The Machine (later in game). This allows you to open the locked door in Exodus 5. Once inside there are three rooms you need to make you way through. The first involves a vertical falling block you need to get on top off. The second room requires you to cross the room while the ceiling falls down. Rounding out the rooms is the final room which requires you to do a small little maze inside a moving platform.

The Hollows Cartridge

Location: The Hollows 8

Unlocks Game: Catastrovania

Collect: Going down in The Split gives you access to The Hollow. This area sucks, but has a cartridge so that’s nice. Make your way to The Hollow 8 and ledge jump off the first ledge to break the wall. Go into the next room and grab the hook. Continue into the next room and wait for the spike roof to fall. Go through the maze in the now collapsed roof to get to the cartridge.

The Golgotha Cartridge

Location: Golgotha 18

Unlocks Game: Dig Dead

Collect: To collect this cart, you need to utilize the angry eye blocks to grant you access to the cartridge. First use the angry eye block in Golgotha 18 to fling yourself up to the walkway/ledge left of the screen above the entrance. Next you need to use the angry eye block to get you up to the cart in the next room. This can be done by luring the block in the directions you want it to go.

Retrograde Cartridge

Location: Retrograde 12

Unlocks Game: Rubble Bobble

Collect: Black Gooo. That’s pretty much the major danger here. Like other secret cart rooms, this sequence requires you to clear three rooms total. The first room features a hook switch and an entrance. As soon as you pull the hook switch, the door begins to open and Black Goo tries to get you. The second room requires you to jump from hook to hook while you wait for the entrance to be revealed. The last room requires you to hit a switch and grab the cart after it drops.

The Machine Cartridge

Location: The Machine 9

Unlocks Game: Morbid Gear

Collect: To access The Machine cart, head to The Machine 9. Ride the blocks all the way off the screen to the right. Avoid the falling block in the first room and enter the second. Ride the platform about 3/4 of the way along the top and then jump to the large center block that drops on you. Ride the block up and then use the conveyor to reach the cartridge.


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