The Division: Endgame

The Division was just launched and yes it is pretty good.  However the question on everyone’s mind is, what is the endgame like?  Well, being the basement dwelling neckbeard that I am, I can actually answer this question. Fueled by an unhealthy quantity of Mountain Dew Code Red, I set to task taking a character from 0 – hero(level 30 in this case) in Ubisoft’s new MMO/Shooter hybrid. Seeing as I had little better to do, I actually accomplished this feat.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Well I did this thing

Hitting the magic 30 in The Division, especially so early is weird. The 30 – 30 Brackets of the Darkzone are literally me and mobs of NPCs(so a typical Friday). The one “30” I met, immediately party invited me and we shared stories of walking the lonely road of Division mastery. Now you are probably wondering why 30 even matters, “it is just a number, like sexual partners, or potatoes in the fridge” you say. Well you stupid, dumb, ignorant reader, it is far more then a number, it is entrance into an elite society of gamers that few ever get to experience.

The Division: Endgame

That pleb ain’t 30

All joking aside, the number 30 just means the game’s level cap. When a player hits the cap, the games ‘endgame’ is expected to hold the players attention while new content is created and then released. Many people have raised concerns about The Division’s lack of any announced endgame. In a sense this concern is warranted. Upon hitting the fabled 30, I was immediately greeted with a tutorial-esque box announcing my victory. Basically the game wanted to tell me NOT TO WORRY THERE IS ENDGAME HERE, however the endgame is pretty mediocre. Ubisoft is definitely hoping the Darkzone will hold people’s attention. There exists only a few post credit things for us elite ’30’ players and they are interconnected. Dailies and Phoenix Credits are The Divisions current endgame content. It works like this, I want Phoenix Credits, so I play Ubisoft’s dailies to get them. Dailies consist of levels already played by players in the ‘story’ but are amped up a notch on hard mode(enemies are at your level). This is done day in and day out in order to buy… exotic gear. There is also a challenge mode which is aimed at four person groups and essentially over levels enemy characters. Ubisoft did say to expect more content, but the initial endgame offering is pretty slim(I’ll cut them slack, beacuse who beats a game the day it comes out). Pics or it didn’t happen:

The Division: Endgame

NPCs are a primitive people


The Division: Endgame

What are you buyin’…

Corporal Fiddle Mccrinklesticks is basically the valuable loot vendor. He moves into the post office unexpectedly after the player hits 30 and barters in… Phoenix credits. Nothing says capitalism like the rebirth of a mythical bird from flames.

The Division: Endgame

What are you sellin’…

There you have it. The white unicorn has been captured. If you are asking yourself what sort of endgame there is in The Division, fear not, it is more of the same!

As always post your salt in the pit below, but FEAR resident Pit Boss FilmApe, he is crazy. 

Eli McLean

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  1. HamFiddler says:

    This king nerd talking about sexual prowess? I’m sure you are slaying it with the babes. They know you’re level 30 right?

  2. FilmApe says:

    You’re talking about potatoes in some fridge, and I’m the crazy one? All that code red has gone to your head…#Truth #PitBoss

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