The Division: 60 FPS PC Footage

Ubisoft has graced us with even more video content. With the game launching in the next few weeks, Ubisoft has released a video showing off some 60 FPS PC footage. While I played the beta and loved it, the footage has me a touch skeptical as the beta itself felt far more muted visually(still good, but not the same quality as the video below). If this is indicative of the final product then I will say it looks incredible. For now I patiently await the actual release of the Division(March 8th).

Does this feel like an e3 trailer to you? Let me know in the pit below. 


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4 responses

  1. Mr. Flameboy says:

    TOTAL LIE! Only on the consoles did Ubisoft truly deliver on the eye candy. PC hacks think their SSD’s will elevate them to the graphical promised land, which is total BS. The multi-core processors in the Xbone and PStation give developers way more control and the ability to optimize their games. The beta for The Division looked AMAZING on my Xbox One, while my friends PC version looked like vagina farts. Reality check time HTR readers, as always the big developers cater to CONSOLE USERS, not PC wankers.

  2. Thokozani says:

    Yeah my 60 FPS wasn’t looking this good during the beta,. I’ve got my fingers crossed this is the end result!

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