The Division 2 Weekly Club Challenges for March 14 – 21

Each week Ubisoft delivers a set of Weekly Club challenges for players to complete in their looter-shooter The Division 2. These challenges involve completing certain objectives like defeating enemies in certain locations, or with certain weapons. Below are the Weekly Club challenges for March 14 – 21.

Weekly Club Challenges March 14 – 21

How to Activate Weekly Club Challenges in The Division 2
On this screen you can activate the Weekly Club challenges.

These challenges reward players with XP when they are completed. On wednesday the 21st you will see these challenges change as the Weekly Club Challenges are refreshed. Here are the six Weekly Club challenges for March 14 – 21:

  • Dark Zone Patrol: True Sons – Eliminate 50 True Sons in any of the three dark zones.
  • Heavy Firepower: Eliminate 25 enemies using a stationary gun turret.
  • Purge the Infected: Eliminate 250 Outcasts.
  • Sidearms Shooter: Eliminate 100 enemies with a pistol (or weapon in the pistol slot).
  • Dark Zone Patrol: Elites – Eliminate 50 Elite enemies in any of the three dark zones.
  • Elite Street Dispatcher: Eliminate 20 named elites.

That’s all the Weekly Club Challenges for March 14 – 21. Check back next week for a new update on what new Weekly Club challenges there are.

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Thoughts on the Weekly Club challenges for March 14 – 21? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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