thatgamecompany Announces Sky at Apple Event

Yesterday, Apple held their yearly ‘show off new gadgets’ event and thatgamecompany was invited to show off their new game called Sky. If thatgamecompany doesn’t ring a bell, it is probably because the studio’s last game, Journey, came out way back in 2012. The announcement of Sky marks a bit of a departure for thatgamecompany, as they will not be releasing their new game on anything other than Apple products. This change marks the end of what had been a strong relationship between both Sony and thatgamecompany.

About Sky

Like Journey, Sky is being dubbed a “social adventure game.” What this means, the studios explains, is that the game itself is meant to be “played, and shared, among loved ones and family.” The game will support up to 8 players, and the game itself can be controlled with a single finger. As the name suggests, the game will takes place while soaring through the sky. Besides this, not much else has been revealed.

Sky is set to launch on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad this winter.

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    A game on Apple TV? I wonder how that will work

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