Tarnished Seal Abilities in Mortal Shell

The Tarnished Seal is given to players in Mortal Shell when they free the Old Prisoner at the start of the game. This item allows players to use the Parry ability to counter incoming attacks. The device also warns of incoming unparryable attacks when it flashes red. While this device may seem like it only has one ability there are a few Tarnished Seal abilities players can unlock while playing the game. Learn about the different abilities and how to unlock them below.

Healing Seal Infusion

Image showing the Seal Infusion - Healing in Mortal Shell.

When you receive the Tarnished Seal the Old Prisoner will infuse the seal with the ability to heal when using an Empowered Riposte.

Inflamed Seal Infusion

Image showing the Seal Infusion - Inflamed in Mortal Shell.

Upon getting the Inflamed Gland from the Shrine of Ash you can return to the Old Prisoner and give it to him to get the Seal Infusion – Inflamed. With this ability your riposte will attach a charged lava to your enemy which explodes.

Knotted Seal Infusion

Image showing the Seal Infusion - Knotted ability in Mortal Shell.

Deliver the Knotted Gland from the Seat of Infinity to get the Old Prisoner to give you the Seal Infusion – Knotted. When you use this riposte ability you will ‘bend time to your will.’

Crystalline Seal Infusion

Image showing the Seal Infusion - Crystalline in Mortal Shell.

Take the Crystalline Gland from the Crypt of Martyrs to the Old Prisoner to unlock the Seal Infusion – Crystalline. When this seal ability is used you will unleash your true form upon your enemies.

You can only have one of the three abilities listed above active at any one time. To change the currently active ability you can press Y/Triangle/Z. When you cycle the abilities the symbol next to your health bar will change to indicate which ability is active.

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