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Comedy Night 0

What is That? Comedy Night Wants to Make You A Comedian

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Video game. A video game who? A video game that puts you on stage at a comedy club. While this joke was terrible, Comedy Night is an upcoming video game that intends to put players on...

Death's Gambit 0

What is That? Death’s Gambit Looks Insane!

June and July have both been relatively quiet months for game releases. This is okay, but if you go hard like me, you want new games to sink your time into. When I’m not gaming, I spend my time looking...

What is That? Agony 2

What is That? Agony Takes Us to Hell

Agony. Just the title word alone makes one think of experiencing pain and suffering. Madmind Studios is attempting to bring agony to consoles and pcs everywhere with their upcoming horror game, Agony. As this is a What is That? segment,...

The End is Nigh! trailer 1

What is That? Edmund Mcmillen Drops The End is Nigh! Trailer

In some somewhat surprising new (not really if you follow @edmundmcmillen), Edmund Mcmillen has revealed his next upcoming game. If you don’t know who Edmund Mcmillen is, he is the brains behind indie smash hits Super Meat Boy and The...

The Swords of Ditto 0

What is That? Devolver Announces The Swords of Ditto

Devolver Digital has been on fire as of late. For one, the company has taken the approach of being an anti – game publisher. This is a welcome breath of fresh air as the industry becomes more and more “corporate”....