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Steam Controller 4

Steam Controller: What I Think

The Steam Controller is an interesting piece of technology. I remember hearing about the Steam Controller and the ‘breakthrough’ it would be for controllers on PC.  There was a lot of hype around the announcement, but things quickly changed.  Steam...


YouTube Gaming: What I think

I remember hearing the rumor that Twitch was going to get purchased by google and thinking what a powerhouse that would make YouTube/google in the video game watching experience.  The deal inevitably fell through(monopoly much?) and Twitch was bought by...

Oculus Rift 1

Oculus Rift: What I Think

The price for the Oculus Rift was released alongside preordering earlier this month. Coming in at $599 USD, consumers receive a bundle of goodies with there purchase. First and foremost is the Oculus itself along with an Xbox One controller,...