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Fractured Space Implant Guide 2

Fractured Space Implant Guide

Looking for that competitive edge? Understanding the art of the Fractured Space implant will play a critical role in helping you flesh out your gameplay style. I have spent some time tweaking my loadouts, and continue to change my implants...


Bomber Crew Guide

Looking to hone your edge? Read on, for in this Bomber Crew guide you will find ways to thwart the Gerrys while keeping your tea-sipping Brits in top shape. Right-oh! Air Corp Basics The Lancaster Bomber Your Brave Airmen Missions...

Fractured Space Guide 2

Fractured Space Guide

Hello neckbeards. Are you burned out of League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, blah blah blah, etc? Well Fractured Space is the MOBA game that may tickle your fancy, keeping great competitive gameplay, but breaking out...