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Rage 2 How to Access DLC Items 0

Rage 2 How to Access DLC Items

Rage 2 is finally here and fans who pre ordered or bought the game’s Deluxe Edition are owed a few items. As I often do I will be showing you how to access DLC items in Rage 2. Download Items...

All Nanotrite Abilities Locations 0

Rage 2 All Nanotrite Abilities Locations

Nanotrite abilities are is the major form of abilities your character possess in Rage 2. These abilities give you an edge in battle and create some interesting fast paced moments in the shooter. To help you get all the abilities...


Rage 2 How to Unlock Cheat Codes

Cheat codes, those relics of a bygone era, are making a huge comeback in Rage 2 as players will be able to equip some pretty awesome cheat codes to use out in the wasteland. To help you get cheats for...