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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trainer Battles 0

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trainer Battles

One of the central gameplay mechanics of Pokemon is battling other trainers. This mechanic has been a part of every game since the series inception. Like every Pokemon before it, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon features a number of...

new update for Magikarp Jump 2

New Update for Magikarp Jump Adds New League and More!

As I typically do before bed, I logged into Magikarp Jump and discovered there was a new update today. This update brings a bunch of new things to Magikarp Jump, including new Food Items, New Support Pokemon, new Magikarp Patterns,...

Magikarp jump events 0

Magikarp Jump Events Guide

Magikarp Jump features a total of 34 events for players to unlock. These events are mini cutscenes which sometimes involve making a choice. Depending on which choice you make, the outcomes can be  either good or bad. Good outcomes usually...