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Sea of Thieves Review: A Week and a Half on the High Seas

From the company that gave us Diddy Kong Racing and Goldeneye, comes Sea Of Thieves, a new online adventure game, capitalizing on everyone’s love of pirates. *Insert obligatory joke that references two pirate-y things, one positive and one negative, to illustrate whether this game is...

Beyond Good and Evil boss list 2

Finally Played It #1: Beyond Good and Evil Review

After hearing the Beyond Good and Evil 2 announcement during the Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference, I thought it was time for me to dust off my copy of Beyond Good and Evil. Now dusting off may give you visions of...

The Surge Walkthrough 0

The Surge Review

I remember when Deck13 Interactive’s Lord’s of the Fallen came out, the game was a dud for me. The character movement and combat felt incredibly clunky and less polished than that of the Souls series it was trying so hard...