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Apex Legends Season 2 First Look During EA Play 2019

Free-to-play shooter, Apex Legends, was featured in EA Play 2019. During the show they highlighted the game’s upcoming season pass. In Apex Legends Season 2 there will be a new gun, new game mode, and new character. Season 2: Battle...

How to Get the Twitch Prime Apex Legends Pack 0

How to Get the Twitch Prime Apex Legends Pack

Apex Legends is currently the newest hotness in terms of BR games and that momentum seems likely to keep on rolling thanks in large part to Respawn and Twitches recently released loot drop. Players with Twitch Prime can head on over...

Apex Legends Weapons 0

Apex Legends Weapons List

In Apex Legends players are dropped onto an island where they need to gather equipment to take out other players. One piece of equipment that players will need to collect are weapons. Apex Legends features a wide range of weapons for players...