The Surge – Resolve Biolabs Walkthrough

Riding the CREO tram from Central Production B, take you to the Resolve Biolabs. The Resolve Biolabs is a nice break from being stuck inside the factory setting as we get a chance to go outside a bit. The other interesting thing about Resolve Biolabs is that there is no boss in this area, which means we are simply coming here to grab a new Drone ability. Below you will find our getting through Resolve Biolabs walkthrough. Enjoy!


First thing we should do when we arrive in the Resolve Biolabs, is set up the OPS. Luckily for us, the OPS is near the tram station, which means we don’t have to go very far. Once you get off the train, look straight ahead and you will see the OPS. Use the stairs on your right to access it. Spend the Tech Scrap you go off the boss on either equipment or Core Power. When ready, leave OPS and head left.


Our first destination is to reach the elevator in this area. To do this, head left from OPS and enter the tunnels. Inside the tunnels, you will run into some Cleaner Bots. These bots are pretty strong and should be avoided where possible. Follow the tunnels down until you reach the crossroads in the second picture. Take a right here and continue in.

After taking a right at the crossroads, you’ll come pass an Overcharge pipe (14). Overcharge the pipe if you want and continue following the tunnel. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with another Cleaner Bot and some drones. Either use the stairs on the right as a shortcut or go up and around the Cleaner Bot to get to the elevator.

Power on the Elevator

Obviously just getting to the elevator doesn’t mean we can use it. We need to power it on. To do this, head into the room on the left. Here there are 3 Scarab RIGS, 2 in the first room and 1 in the room with the Power Circuit. Kill all the RIGS and Overcharge the Power Circuit. The elevator is now powered on and usable.

Resolve Biolab

After riding the elevator up, we arrive in the actual Resolve Biolabs. This area features two large greenhouses as well as a shortcut back to OPS. Before we get the shortcut, we need to make our way down into the courtyard. This can be done relatively easily by going through the room (grab health on wall) and going down the stairs all the way to the bottom.

Open Shortcut

Once you are in the courtyard area, feel free to explore, but open the shortcut first. To do this, head towards the left middle building with the OPS writing on it. The door will be locked, but we can open it by Overloading a nearby Power Circuit. To access the Power Circuit, head towards the farthest Resolve Biolab. Directly opposite the Biolab is the Power Circuit. Once the Overloading is done, head back to the door and open it. Use the Exo – lift inside to return back to the CREO Tram station.

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