Super Mario Bros Movie Review

A while ago, I asked site contributor FilmApe what kind of content I should create. He responded that I should watch videogame based films and review them. This idea was put on the back burner until today. Two important things caused this to happen, one is that the school term came to an end, so the ample time I had has now become exponentially more ample; two I have played a ton of games lately and have felt like reading, or watching things instead. So without more of my rambling, pointless irl opening here is my Super Mario Bros movie review.

Super Mario Bros Movie Review

Super Mario Bros Movie Review

Luigi and Mario

The film opens with an interesting animated sequence about dinosaurs and alternate universes/dimensions. You are probably like this right now, but that’s okay, just know that this is Mario and he’s in Brooklyn and this is an alternate universe or something… so yeah videogame movies.

The two lead roles are Mario (Bob Hoskins) and Luigi (John Leguizamo), who are two plumbers with a struggling business. Luigi falls for a girl named Daisy (Samantha Mathis), an orphaned NYU student who is digging under the Brooklyn Bridge for dinosaur bones. Long story short Daisy gets kidnapped by King Koopa (Dennis Hopper) and taken to the alternate dimension of Manhattan which is KoopaLand or something. Mario and Luigi go through the portal, things happen and the dimensions merge, evolution/de-evolution takes place, people use mushrooms and basically all hell breaks loose.

Super Mario Bros Movie Review


This movie is pretty bad. I’m not a huge fan of much of the game interpretations the movie takes. Koopa’s are simply weird looking people,while Toad is also just a weird looking person who is a musician. On surface level I dont mind this, but when they start throwing in creatures like the Goombas I was like. The story is boring (it is based on a videogame… so expected) and the movie suffers from being way too long. Characters are uninteresting and not for lack of acting, these are one dimensional videogame characters we’re talking about. The best part of my experience was finding this song (and subsequent music video) which is played in the movie. While predominantly a negative experience, I imagine watching this with friends in 2016 would be fun… But I don’t have any, so…


Have you seen this movie? What is your Super Mario Bros Movie Review? Wanna be my friend, so I don’t have to watch movies alone? Let me know in the pit below. 

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