Super Mario 64 Online Lets You Play With 24 People

Have you ever wished you could play Super Mario 64 with your buddies? Maybe you want to relive your childhood, or actually beat the game now that you are an adult? Well, a new mod, allows you to do just that. Developers, Kaze Emanuar, Melonspeedruns and Marshivolt, have put together SM64 Online, which lets you play with a staggering 24 people. That’s right. Super Mario 64 Online lets you play with 24 people.

Update: Nintendo has taken down pretty much everything related to Super Mario 64 Online. It was fun while it lasted.

What is Super Mario 64 Online?

Super Mario 64 Online takes the gameplay of the classic 1996, single player Mario experience and puts a multiplayer spin on it. Players launch the game and decide which of the Mushroom Kingdom cast they wish to play. From here, players are free to do what they want. Want to run around with a bunch of Waluigis and punch enemies? Speed run against 24 other people in the same game? Or maybe you want to have an all out Battle Royale? By building this online hack on top of a Super Mario 64 ROM, these desires are now reality.

Due to the grey area that roms and emulators, I won’t be telling you how to go about getting SM64 Online to work, but I will point you towards resources that will make the process fairly simple. Kaze Emanuar has both the download and tutorial up on his YouTube channel. If you are still having troubles, make your way over to the hacks official forums for more help.

As Nintendo is notoriously hard on fan games, I will be curious to see how long Super Mario 64 Online stays available. If anything, grab the ROM as soon as possible so you can experience Super Mario 64 with 24 of your friends. Good luck out there!

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    The video for this one makes the game look pretty fun.

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