Summer in Mara: Where to Place the Orb for Napopo

One of the first NPCs you will meet in Summer in Mara is named Napopo. Napopo gets stranded on your Home Island and becomes your main travel companion throughout the story. Like many NPCs in the game Napopo is not exactly what it seems. As you progress the story this little creature will send you on a number of quests., As you complete these quests you will learn more about Napopo and its backstory. One of the quests Napopo sends you on is to place an orb on an altar on Dunna Island. This island is not on your map. To help you complete this quest here’s where to place the orb for Napopo.

What Temple Do You Place Napopo’s Orb At?

Image showing the full map of Summer in Mara.
Image showing where to place Napopo's orb in Summer in Mara.

Once you have received the orb from Napopo you will need to make your way down to the Black Volcano island at C1 on your map (southern part of Mara). On this island to the north of Dunna’s house you will find a cliff face with an altar in it. This altar has an offering plate in front of it. Place the orb in the offering plate to turn on the flow of that good tank fueling oil.

That’s all you need to know about where to place the orb for Napopo’s quest-line. As is the case this is just one of many quests you can complete in the game. Note this quest is not needed to complete the main storyline.

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