Summer in Mara: Where to Find the Robot Part for Akaji

In Summer in Mara you will meet a blacksmith NPC named Akaji on the island of Qalis. Akaji has a number quests you can complete. One of the final quests for this NPC is to find a Robot Part for her from the location called the Iron Colossus. To help you complete this quest use our where to find the Robot Part guide below.

Robot Part Location

Image showing the full map for Summer in Mara.
Image showing where to find the Robot Part for Akaji.

When you have the Robot Part quest from Akaji make your way to the northwestern most square on your map (F6). At this location you will find a large Iron Colossus on some large icebergs. In your ship sail to the front area of the Iron Colossus by its head. Here you will find some floating barrels. Sail over these barrels and you will receive the Robot Part. Once you have the Robot Part return to Akaji on Qalis. Give the part to her to complete the final portion of her quest-line. After this quest is complete you will unlock the Akaji achievement along side some materials.

That’s all you need to know to find the Robot Part for Akaji. This is just one of the many quests you will need to complete as you playthrough Summer in Mara. Good luck.

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