Summer in Mara: Where to Find the Love Cave

In the Summer of Mara there are a number of islands players can visit. These islands feature resources and other helpful items. Alongside the items there are also special themes and quest tie-ins. One quest you can complete for the blacksmith named Akaji is to deliver a love letter to the Love Cave. To help you complete this delivery use our where to find the Love Cave guide below.

Location of the Love Cave in Summer in Mara

Image showing the location of the Love Caves in Summer in Mara on the map.

The Love Cave is a special island players can visit where there are various love letters in bottles. These love letters are part of the achievement called Love messages. The Love Cave does not appear on your map, but instead can be found on the island known as Puni Cave. This island is directly west of the hub island of Qalis.

Image showing where to deliver the letter in the Love Cave in Summer in Mara.

Once you ahve the Love Letter from Akaji simply make your way to Puni Cave and go inside. In the back left corner of the cave you will find a spot to place the message Akaji has provided. Once you’ve placed the letter return to Akaji to tell her you’ve completed your delivery. If you wish to get the Love messages achievement simply read all of the love messages in the cave.

That’s all you need to know on where to find the Love Cave in Summer in Mara. This location is just one of many you will visit as you sail the high seas. Keep it locked to HTR for more special locations guides.

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