Summer in Mara: Where to Find Mun’s Backpack

On the beach of Qalis there is an NPC sunbathing named Mun. Mun has a host of quests for you to complete. The first quest Mun will give you is to dig up her backpack that Mayo buried near the mansion. To help you find and dig up this backpack use our where to find Mun’s backpack guide below.

Mun’s Backpack Location

Image showing the map location of Mun's Backpack in Summer in Mara.
Image showing the location of Mun's Backpack in Summer in Mara.

To find and dig up Mun’s backpack you need to have two items: a shovel and a key. The shovel you can craft using wood and iron while the key can be purchased from the pirate Litio who circles Puni Cave. Once you have both of these items make your way to the northwest corner of Qalis island behind the mansion. At this location you will find a bare spot with a shovel icon over top of it. Interact with this spot to dig up the treasure chest. Use the key to open the chest to receive Mun’s Backpack. Take the backpack back to Mun to receive 85 Coins for your efforts.

That’s all you need to know to find Mun’s backpack in Summer in Mara. This is just one of many quests you will complete during your playthrough of the game.

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3 responses

  1. Вилиен says:

    А что делать, если я прихожу к месту, а сундук уже выкопан и открыт? Взаимодействовать не могу и квест, значит, выполнить тоже…

  2. Brittany says:

    I never had to dig it up. I made his backpack for him. I never got a shovel, and I just finished the end game. I just can’t finish the side quests because Aquila or what ever the guys name in the estate on the island is – He want’s treasure dug up, but I don’t have a shovel! I can’t make a shovel anywhere, and I have all the best tools and pretty much everything unlocked (as I hit end game). HOW DO I GET A SHOVEL!?

    • Carslyle says:

      That’s Brram’s Backpack. Mun is hanging out on the beach and her quest line starts with finding her backpack and Mayo gives you the recipe for the shovel.

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