Summer in Mara: Where to Find Mr. Ecco’s Hook

In Summer in Mara you will meet an NPC named Mayo on the island of Qalis. This NPC is a server at one of the restaurants in the town. When you speak with Mayo you will begin a long questline that involves a number of steps including meeting the famed pirate named Mr. Ecco. Mayo is a huge fan of Mr. Ecco and wants you to tell him what a fan she is. When you speak to Mr. Ecco about Mayo he will mention giving her his gold hook. This gold hook is missing. To find the gold hook use our where to find Mr. Ecco’s Hook guide below.

Location of Mr. Ecco’s Pirate Hook

Image showing the map Location of Mr. Ecco's Pirate Hook.
Image showing the location of Mr. Ecco's Hook.

To find Mr. Ecco’s Pirate Hook you will need to sail to the island called Quruluqi Rock which is located at C5 on map. On this island you will need to make your way up the hill to the bridge. Cross the bridge so you reach the nest. In the nest look for a hatched egg with a bag inside it. Interact with the bag in the egg to get Mr. Ecco’s Pirate Hook.

Once you have Mr. Ecco’s Pirate Hook head back to Qalis and visit Mayo. Give the hook to Mayo to complete this portion of her quest line.

That’s all you need to know to find Mr. Ecco’s Pirate Hook in Summer in Mara. Finding this hook is just one of many quest you will need to complete in the game. Good luck.

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