Summer in Mara: Where to Build the Mine

As you progress through the various quest-lines in Summer in Mara you will unlock the mine. The mine can be placed on your island to give you access to more materials. Like other structures on the island there is a specific place for you to build the mine. This location is a bit confusing to find so use our where to build the mine guide below.

Where to You Put the Mine in Summer in Mara

Image showing where to build the mine in Summer in Mara.

The mine is unlocked as part of the Napopo quest-line. You will receive the recipe from Akaji and will need to collect the following materials inorder to place it:

  • 10x Metal.
  • 4x Rope.
  • 12x Boards.

After you’ve collected the materials listed above you will need to head to the beaches on the western side of the island. Here you will see a green arrow pointing into the cliff face. This is where you can place your mine. To do this simply aproach green arrow and interact when prompted to build the mine. When the mine is complete you will unlock the Let’s Chop achievement.

With the mine established on you island you gain access to a new area full of different metals. There is also an interior upgrade you can get for even more materials.

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