Summer in Mara: Where to Bring Food Offerings to the Statues Nio and Nao

Once the tutorial section is done Summer in Mara will task you with completing a number of minor tasks. As you complete these tasks you will trigger a glowing light that will appear in the water by the crashed boat. When you inspect this light it will disappear leaving Koa with more questions than answers. To help you get answers you will rely on two statues called Nio and Nao as they see everything. In order to get the answers you seek you will need to make a food offering first. To help you complete this quest use our where to bring food offerings to the statues Nio and Nao guide below.

Where to Get the Food Offerings for Nio and Nao

Image showing how to get the Food offering for Niio and Nao.

Before you can give the statues an offering you need to ensure you have some sort of food item in your inventory. This means having either some fruit (Oranges or Blackberries) or any sort of recipe dishes you’ve made. The easiest method of getting a food item is to simply pick fruit from the island.

Where to Place the Food Offerings for Nio and Nao

Image showing where to place the food offering for Nio and Nao.

Once you have a food offering available to you head up the mountain and go to the edge looking out over the Guardian’s Door. Here you will find an offering plate between two statues. Place the food offering by interacting with the plate then light the fire nearby (the one you lit during the tutorial). Depending on the time of day either sleep or wait around for something fascinating to happen.

That’s all you need to know about making the offering to Nio and Nao. Upon placing the offering and waiting you will be visited by the strange light once again.

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