Summer in Mara: How to Sell Items

Summer in Mara tends to obfuscate a number of traditionally simple systems into things that are much more complex then they have to be. One of these simple systems that becomes a pain is selling items. When you finally reach the island of Qalis you will encounter a number of merchants there that you can sell to. Unfortunately the process of selling on PC is a bit odd. To learn how to sell items in Summer in Mara check out our guide below.

How to Sell Items with Controller

There is a lot of evidence that supports the idea that Summer in Mara was designed mainly with control inputs in mind. This can be seen directly in how easy it is to sell items using your controller. When you enter Commerce with a Merchant all you need to do to sell is press the “Y” or equivalent button to switch to your inventory. Simple as that.

How to Sell Items with KB+M

Image showing how to sell in Summer in Mara on PC.

So console is fairly straightforward, but KB+M is definitely not. When you open the shop screen with a merchant you will see a mouse icon in the middle of the screen. This mouse icon MUST BE CLICKED with the LMB to switch to the sell mode. Clicking outside this mouse icon does nothing. Once clicked you can select the items you wish to sell from your inventory.

That’s all you need to know to sell items in Summer in Mara. This is just one of a few interesting design decisions that make playing Summer in Mara with KB+M an interesting and sometimes frustrating experience.

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