Summer in Mara: How to Repair the Boat

During the opening of Summer of Mara you will be stuck on Mara as the boat you have access to is broken on the shoreline. As sea travelling is a large part of the game you will want to repair the boat as soon as possible. To help you get the boat up and run our how to repair the boat in Summer of Mara guide below.

Advance the Story Until You Meet Napopo

Image showing the Napopo character in Summer in Mara.

Before you can repair your boat you will need to advance the story. Playthrough the opening tutorial and complete story objectives until you encounter the first visitor to your island called Napopo. Once you meet Napopo you will agree to help attempt to get them off your island by repairing the boat. This unlocks both the Boat and Oars recipes.

How to Repair the Boat

Image showing how to repair the boat in Summer in Mara.

To repair the boat you will need to make two recipes. The first recipe is the Oars. You will want to create the Oars first as they are a component of the Boat recipe. To make the Oars head to your house and access the Workshop there to create them with the following recipe.

Oar Recipe (Need 2)

  • 2x Wood.
  • 1x Board.

Once the 2x Oars are made you can leave your house since the Boat is repaired using the hammer. In order to repair the boat you will need to follow this recipe.

Boat Recipe

  • 2x Oars.
  • 6x Wood.
  • 4x Metal.

Acquire the materials listed above through chopping down trees and mining rocks in the cave. Once you have all the materials you can build the boat. Simply head to the wreckage on the island and interact with it to return it to sea-worthy shape.

Once the boat is repaired you will unlock the ability to sail the high seas. With this new ability you will be tasked with sailing north to the island of Qalis. Good luck on your voyage.

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