Summer in Mara: How to Light the Fire at the Peak of the Mountain

Once you’ve filled the Old Tank with fuel and cooked dinner for Yaya in Summer in Mara night will fall on the island. Since it is nighttime Koa decides she should light the fire at the peak of the mountain. So where is the fire and how do you light. Well we’ve got help for you. Check out our how to light the fire at the peak of the mountain guide below.

Where to Light Fire on Mountain?

Image showing the path leading to the peak of the mountain in Summer in Mara.
Image showing the fire to light on top of the mountain peak in Summer in Mara.

After you’ve cooked dinner for Yaya Koa will mention that it is getting dark and she should light the fire on the peak of the mountain for Yaya to see. To reach the mountain fire you will want to head past the entrance to the Guardian’s Door so you reach two lit torches at the base of the mountain. Between these two torches is a clear path heading up the mountain. Light your torch off one of the lit torches and head up the path.You can either run the full way up the path to reach the summit before your torch goes out or light the torches along the way so you can relight your torch if it goes out. On the summit run into the fire pit next to the bench to light it.

Once the flame on the peak is lit Yaya will return to the island. Head down to the dock area and interact with Yaya to receive the next tutorial quest which is to pick up the Chrystalis from Yaya Haku’s chest. That’s all you need to know to complete the light the fire on the peak of the mountain quest.

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