Summer in Mara: How to Dive

In Summer in Mara there are a number of mechanics for players to explore as they explore Mara. These mechanics including things like farming, fishing, resource gathering, and diving. As you progress in the game you will be prompted to dive for various items. This may lead you to wonder how to dive in the game. We’ve got you covered in this Summer in Mara how to dive guide.

How Do You Dive in Summer in Mara

To start diving you need to progress the main story of Summer in Mara. Once you help out the lady in the lighthouse you will be tasked with finding a pendant that is lost near Puni Cave. To get this pendant you will receive a pair of Diving Goggles which can be used for one dive.

Image showing how to start the diving mini-game in Summer of Mara.

Once you have Diving Goggles head out into the open seas and look for a flag on your minimap. Head over to the flag you see to find a buoy. Head up to the buoy and interact with it to begin the diving mini-game.

Controls for the diving mini-game are really bad. You can dive lower but there appears to be no way of surfacing besides not pressing any buttons. The point of this mini-game is to grab the treasure chests and then reach the lifesaver that is near the surface of the water. If you want to get more air you need to swim into the bubbles that float up in the water.

That’s all you need to know about diving in Summer in Mara. This is one of the more poorly optimized aspects of the different game mechanics that benefits from using a control if you can.

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