Summer in Mara: How to Collect Fuel From the Guardian’s Door Fountain

In the game Summer in Mara players begin by playing through a brief tutorial on Home Island. During this brief tutorial you are tasked with completing a number of tasks for Yayu Haku. One of the more confusing tasks players need to complete involves collecting fuel with the Old Tank. To help you complete this tasks use our how to collect fuel from the Guardian’s Door Fountain guide below.

Where is the Guardian’s Door?

You will receive the Old Tank from Yayu Haku in-front of the Fishing Pond on Home Island. Once you receive the Old Tank you may be wondering where to go to reach the Guardian’s Door. Well the Guardian’s Door can be found through the cave system on the hill above the Fishing Pond as seen in the screenshot above.

Image showing where to find the fuel for the Old Tank in Summer in Mara.

To fill the Old Tank simply make your way through the cave to reach the Guardian door and the shell there. Interact with the shell to fill the Old Tank with fuel. Return to Yayu (who is now on her boat) and give her the tank to trigger the next portion of the tutorial.

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