Summer Games Done Quick 2018 Lineup and Runners Revealed

Games Done Quick have revealed the Summer Games Done Quick 2018 lineup of games and speedrunners and it is rather large. Coming in at a whopping total runtime of 150:12:42, this year’s SGDQ features over 190 accepted and bonus category speed runs.

If you don’t know, Summer Games Done Quick is an event featuring a number of speedrunners every summer who speedrun games to raise money for charity. At last year’s SGDQ the runners raised over $1.7 million USD for Doctors without borders.

Screen grab from the Summer Games Done Quick 2016 livestream.

The upcoming SGDQ2018 features a number of interesting games on the docket. While I won’t list every title here (check the official page for that), I do want to highlight a couple runs I will be checking out. First up has to be Cuphead. This indie smash hit title is considered to be fairly difficult, so I am looking forward to watching TheMexicanRunner completely dismantle it. Second and equally hype inducing has to be Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy, which is just an absurd game to begin with.

Besides the above mentioned titled, there are a ton of games to check out during SGDQ2018 and a ton of talented runners to watch as well. If you feel like attending in person this year’s event will take place at the DoubleTree Hilton Bloomington-Minneapolis Hotel, Minneapolis. If you can’t attend in person, fear not, as SGDQ is usually streamed over on Twitch.

The schedule for SGDQ2018 has yet to be released, but keep it locked to the Games Done Quick Website as it should go up soon before the event kicks off on June 24th.

Thoughts on the Summer Games Done Quick 2018 lineup? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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