StockStream Puts a New Spin on Stock Trading

Back in 2014, TwitchPlaysPokemon took the internet by storm. The channel’s concept was simple, Twitch chat would vote and playthrough Pokemon Red. Creating an interactive stream proved to be rather successful and spawned a number of imitators including TwitchPlaysDark. As Twitch was predominantly a gaming site, the concept remained stuck inside gaming. Recently, however, Twitch has looked to broaden their reach and has introduced more diversity in their streaming offerings. Given the shift, it was only a matter of time until someone took the Twitch Play formula and applied it to something more real and tangible, like Stock Trading. Enter StockStream, a channel on Twitch which puts a new spin on Stock Trading.



StockStream is similar in nature to previous Twitch Plays, but there is real money on the line. Created by Amazon Engineer Mike Roberts, the stream lets players vote on how to invest $50,000 of Roberts’ real money. The investing process takes the form of a simple vote every 5 minutes. Chatters vote on the stock they feel should be bought or sold using command buy! or sell! and the stock ticker. After 5 minutes expire, the stock with the most votes is either bought or sold. Roberts uses the popular Robinhood platform to cut out commissions which keeps costs of constantly buying and selling low.


Twitch Chat

So far, Twitch Chat has proven to be Gordon Gekko level traders. At the close of today (June 7th, 2017), Roberts’ portfolio is up $1,129. 59, which is not bad given the stream went live back on May 30th, 2017. As long as Twitch Chat continues making money, the channel will continue to operate. If Twitch Chat loses money and the portfolio drops below $25,000, the account will close due to  FINRA regulations on day trading. For now, StockStream remains open for business and Twitch Chat is steering the helm.


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