Steam Autumn Sale 2023 Has Started, Will Run for a Week

Steam Autumn Sale 2023 art.

Like many companies, Steam is getting in on the Thanksgiving sales season with their Autumn Sale 2023. This sale event runs from November 21-28 and features a wide range of discounts on PC games and a few free hidden goodies to claim.

Similar to other significant sales events on Steam, the Steam Autumn Sale transforms the browsing experience. Upon visiting the front page of the Steam website or app, you’ll encounter the dedicated seasonal store page. This page showcases the ongoing sales, spanning a diverse array of publishers and genres.

Without delving into the intricate specifics of the available deals, some noteworthy titles are currently on significant discounts and might be worth considering for purchase. Notable examples include Cyberpunk 2077 at a 50% discount, Remnant 2 at a 30% discount, and Hogwarts Legacy at a 40% discount.

The Steam Autumn 2023 sale badge.
The Steam Autumn 2023 sale badge.

In addition to game discounts, the Steam Autumn 2023 sale event provides players with the opportunity to nominate games for the Steam Awards at the year’s end. The submission process takes place on the nominations page, where you can put forward games for consideration in 11 categories, including the prestigious title of Game of the Year.

To further encourage participation in the game submission process, there’s an associated badge. By nominating at least one game, players can acquire the Steam Awards Nomination Committee Badge. Players can upgrade this badge by completing various tasks, earning 25 XP for each level achieved.

While the sale is ongoing, you have the opportunity to claim another set of freebies. By checking a sale category each day, you can redeem a free sticker from the category. This allows you to accumulate a total of 6 stickers throughout the event.

Are you buying anything during the Steam Autumn Sale 2023?



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