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Kingdom Come Deliverance is a new open world rpg out Warhorse Studios. Like other RPGs, players in Kingdom Come Deliverance can improve their levels and unlock new perks. In this post, we will highlight the Stats perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance and tell you what they do. Before we start, there are four major stats in KCD – Strength, Agility, Vitality and Speech. Each stat has their own unique set of unlockable perks.


Strength defines how well you can handle physical challenges. The more Strength, the less depletion of Stamina when wielding heavy weapons (most weapons except daggers and sabres) and the more powerful your attacks. Each level up of Strength also significantly increases the capacity of your inventory, as well as influencing how fast you sprint with a heavy load. Strength is increased primarily by combat.  You Get Strength perk points at every other level up. 

Minimum Level 2

  • Stronghold – Blocking an opponent’s blows will cost you 30% less Stamina.
  • Gravedigger – Carrying dead or unconscious bodies won’t cost you any Stamina and they will burden you only half as much.

Minimum Level 4

  • Clinch Master – Gives you a one third higher chance of overpowering your opponent in a clinch.
  • Mule I – You can carry 15 pounds more.

Minimum Level 6

  • Boar – You can deplete an opponent’s Health and Stamina by bumping into him at a spring. The effect is increased if your armour is heavier than his.
  • Tight Grip – Your stamina regeneration will not slow down in combat, even on the weapon backswing.

Minimum Level 8

  • Headcracker – You have a 10% greater chance of knocking out an opponent with a blow to the head.
  • Heavy Swing – Your attacks cause 20% greater damage, but cost you 10% more Stamina. Applies only to weapons that require strength to wield.
  • Mule II – You can carry 20 pounds more.

Minimum Level 12

  • Mule III -You’ll be able to carry 25 pounds more weight.

Minimum Level 14

  • Dreadful – Foes will be more likely to flee from combat with you. The ones who do fight you will be less determined.


Agility is a measure of speed, movement and nimbleness. An agile character not only moves faster, but is also better at evading strikes, can skillfully wield more sophisticated weapons, such as sabres, and is more skilled at archery. Archer in turn will also increase agility. You get Agility perk points at every fourth level up. 

Minimum Level 4

  • Featherweight – Falling will cause you 30% less injury.

Minimum Level 8

  • Fast Striker – Your attacks will demand 30% less stamina, but will also cause 20% less injury. Applies only to weapons that are based on agility.
  • Light Armour – If you’re not wearing play armour, it will be 50% easier for you to dodge strikes in combat.

Minimum Level 12

  • Perfect Throw – You have a better chance of throwing winning dice.
  • Taunt – A successful evasion during combat will lower your opponent’s morale.


Vitality determines how much a character can endure. The more vitality, the more stamina and the faster it regenerates, the longer the character lasts without getting tired and the longer he can run. Running, surmounting obstacles and surviving combat enhance vitality. You get Vitality perk points at every third level up and then at Level 20.

Minimum Level 3

  • Marathon Man – You run slower, but keep it up for longer. Your sprint speed is 20% slower, but demands 20% less Stamina. (Can’t be combined with Sprinter perk.)
  • Sprinter – You run faster, but also tire faster. Sprinting is 20% faster, but costs 20% more Stamina. (Can’t be combined with Marathon Man perk.)
  • Thickblooded – You bleed slower.

Minimum Level 6

  • Balance Diet – If you don’t either overeat or go hungry for five consecutive days, you get a +1  bonus on Vitality and Agility.
  • Human Dustbin – You can dispel hunger with anything. You won’t suffer from eating poisoned or spoiled food, but neither will you have any positive effect from it. Does not apply to alcohol.

Minimum Level 9

  • Berserk – As soon as you Health falls to a minimum, you go berserk and your Stamina regenerates four times faster.
  • Blood Rush – After beating your first opponent, you get a 50% attack bonus and your stamina will regenerate one quarter faster.

Minimum Level 12

  • Last Gasp – You’ll survive an otherwise fatal blow and you health will even regenerate by 30%. Only activated once in combat.
  • Revenant – Your health will regenerate gradually.


Speech gauges the character’s ability to talk his way out of situations. It is improved by talking to people and successful persuasions. As a result, a good speaker can settle many conflicts before they even arise, haggle better or disconcert a foe he wouldn’t be able to overcome in combat. You get Speech perk points at every fourth level up.

Minimum Level 4

  • Final Offer – When a trader loses patience with you during haggling, you get one more chance to make another offer.
  • Highborn – Increases your Speech level by +3 when talking to nobles and wealth people. You can’t have the Lowborn perk simultaneously.
  • Lowborn – Your Speech stat will rise by +3 when you talk to commoners. You can’t have the perk Highborn at the same time.

Minimum Level 8

  • Empathetic – In dialogues you’ll see your counterpart’s stats in skillchecks.
  • Silver Tongue – Increases your Speech skill with haggling.
  • Troubadour – You have a 50% higher Reputation when you talk to women, so you can persuade them more easily, and you can avail of bathwenches’ services for free.

Minimum Level 12

  • Trustworthy Middleman – Merchants will be more willing to buy stolen items from you.

These are the Stats perks you will be able to unlock as you level up your character in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Alongside the Stat Perks, there’s also Main Level Perks that can be unlocked as well. These perks were covered in an earlier post.

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Which of the Kingdom Come Deliverance Stats perks are you going to unlock? Let me know in The Pit below.


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