State of Play July 2021 game announcements and reveals

Sony held their PlayStation State of Play today to show off a bunch of details surrounding Bethesda’s Death Loop, indie and third-party titles. If you are interested in what was shown off today this post will highlight the various announcements and reveals that occurred during the livestream. See the State of Play July 2021 game announcements table below for more details.

What was announced during State of Play July 2021?

Moss Book IIPlayStation VR game where you play as a mouse knight.
ArcadegeddonMultiplayer third-person shooter title. Different biomes you can fight in. Early access out today. Full Launch 2022.
Tribes of MidgardGameplay overview on this top-down survival action RPG. Up to 10 players can play together. Season 1 will be Wolf Saga. 8 playable character classes. July 27 release date.
F.I.S.T.Side-scroller action title where you play as a bunny in a dystopian type future world. Action game.
Hunter’s Arena LegendBattle royale game releasing August 3rd.
SIFUMartial arts third-person beat ’em up where you age when you die. Coming Early 2022.
JettPlanet exploration game where you control both a drone (third-person) and character (in first-person). Coming 2021.
Demon Slayer: The Hinokami ChroniclesGame based on the popular anime. Third-person action title. October 15, 2021.
Lost JudgmentNew Yakuza spin-off title.
Death Stranding Director’s CutRemastered version for PS5. Will featured a bunch of new items, delivery locations, and missions.
DeathloopNew look at the upcoming Deathloop first-person title out of Bethesda. Basically Hitman meets Dishonored. Go to level kill targets. If you die restart. Players can invade your game. September 14 release date.

That’s everything that was announced during the State of Play July 2021. The livestream ran for about 40 minutes in duration. The games mentioned above are a mixture of AAA and indie titles. There is more State of Plays planned for the rest of the year so check back for more coverage.

What did you think of the State of Play July 2021? Let me hear you thoughts in the comments below.


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