Starbound’s The Ruin Walkthrough

Starbound has been out officially for a couple months and I have recently had a chance to sink my teeth into it. Players spend the main story traversing galaxies searching for six artifacts belonging the six races in the game. Upon collection of these artifacts, the player opens a huge portal which sends them to The Ruin. Starbound’s The Ruin is the games final boss battle. Open entering the gate, players are transported to a planet. This planet is unlike any other planet in Starbound, as it is a living thing. Being on the planet and getting to the final boss is a bit convoluted, but I am here to help. Think of me as your Starbound Sherpa.


Getting to Starbound’s The Ruin

Starbound's the Ruin

Esther and The Ruin’s portal

Upon landing on Starbound’s The Ruin you will be immediately greeted by a bunch of annoying, flying and crawling monsters. While it is tempting to explore the outer core of the ‘ planet ‘, The Ruin lies underneath. So upon arrival, simply find a easy and safe location to start digging.

Starbound's The Ruin

Landing on The Ruin

As you dig, be warned that like other planets enemies spawn below the surface. Once you are deep enough, there will be a huge drop into a new area. Look for the white looking blocks which will fall with you an cushion your fall as a sign you are getting close.

Starbound's The Ruin

This white stuff. Cushioned my blow on the long drop down.


Once the player makes it to the core, all that is needed is to run either left or right in order make it to The Ruin’s boss arena. Here you will be met by a familiar face. For the first battle, you will fight Asra Nox, who you fought in the Pagoda Library. Nothing about the fight is any different except for the arena itself, which is simply a flat room (no bookcases). Upon beating Asra Nox, Starbound’s the Ruin will awake.

Starbound's The Ruin

A familiar face returns to battle.

Fighting The Ruin

The Ruin is a giant eyeball in the middle of the battle area. As a boss, The Ruin is a pretty straight forward, but time consuming fight. Boasting 5000 hp, the Ruin takes quite a bit of damage to defeat. The most annoying part of the fight is the constant spawn of enemies from both sides of the arena. From the green pods comes various enemies who can easily kill you if you are focused on other things. Simply focus on taking out the enemies will make the fight a lot either.


Starbound's The Ruin

Here it is in all it’s eye goodness.

There are only three types of attacks the Ruin can use. The first is Eruption, which is a concentrated laser beam which shoots out of the eye into the center of the room. Players are given a warning when this move will launch, so players need to get to either side of the room for safety. Dash or Sprint tech is good for dodging this move during the fight. The second move is Tentacle Drill which targets both the left and right areas of the arena. While this move is being used, the middle of the arena is open, so head here to avoid. The last move is Spatial Sunder, which brings a random biome portal to the arena. Due to the portal multiple projectiles are fired, which when dodged will spawn enemies from that biome in the arena.

In conclusion, the easiest approach is simply dodge the various attacks, attack, clear mobs and repeat until the Ruin is defeated. Also keep in mind that both melee and long range are viable options in this fight. Focus largely on dodging and managing mobs and you will find this fight easily manageable.

Thoughts on Starbound’s the Ruin? Any tips to share in taking out this boss? Let me know in the Pit below.


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