Splitgate Queue Times, Where to Learn More

Splitgate a popular arena based shooter from 1047 Games has been experiencing a surge in activity lately. This activity has led to long wait times and dreaded queues. This is both good and bad as players may have to wait a decent amount of time before jumping into the game. To learn more here’s a look the Splitgate queue times information provided by the developers.

How to Learn the Current Queue Times in Splitgate

Image showing the Splitgate queue screen.
Splitgate queue screen.

When you launch Splitgate you will be met with the screen shown above. This screen means you are in the queue. The screen attempts to log you in repeatedly until space is made. On the screen you see the following note:

You have been placed in a queue to prevent servers from going above capacity. Queue time may be long. Follow @splitgate on Twitter for queue time estimates. Thanks for being patient.

1047 Games

Unfortunately for us there is no estimate on screen for when you will get a chance to jump into the game. All you can really do is head over to the @splitgate Twitter account and see what the developers have posted. At the time of writing, the last server queue update was 14 hours ago with times being <30 minutes.

Alternatively you can join the Splitgate official Discord. This discord has the more recent queue times available for people to see. You will need to jump through a few hoops to ensure that you gain access to the server including having a Discord account and agreeing to the server rules.

What has your the average Splitgate queue times been for you? Le me hear your pain in the comments below.


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