Splitgate Beta Battlepass Content

Wondering what’s inside the Splitgate Beta Battlepass? We’ve got you covered. Below we walk through the contents of the game’s currently active Battlepass. This Battlepass contents a total of 15 levels players can unlock by competing in games or purchasing pass levels.

What’s in the Splitgate Beta Battlepass Content

The I Survived Legendary Spray from the Splitgate Beta Battlepass.
Rank 15 item from the Splitgate Battlepass.

The Splitgate Battlepass can be located under the Battlepass tab once you login to the game successfully. On this screen you will see the various levels and items that are unlocked at each point in the game. As the name suggests this pass is only available while the game is in Beta which is currently planned for August. Once the game fully releases I expect a new, full Battlepass, to be released as well.

Rank UnlockItem
1+5% XP Boost
250x Splitcoin
3Beta Tester (Rare Name Tag)
41x Drop
5Beta Tester (Rare Banner)
650x Splitcoin
7Beta (Rare Spray)
81x Drop
9Cyan (Rare Portal)
1050x Splitcoin
11Beta Fish (Epic Name Tag)
121x Rare Drop
13Beta Fish (Epic Banner)
1450x Splitcoin
15I Survived (Legendary Spray)

These are all of the available items you can unlock from the Beta Battlepass. Unlocking the items involves playing the game and earning XP or purchasing levels. Buying all 14 levels costs 1,400 Splitcoin. This works out to about ~$12ish USD. Splitcoin can be purchased form the Item Shop if you are interested in going that route.

Thoughts on the Splitgate Beta Battlepass content? Let me hear them in the comments below.

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