Spider-Man 2 Hybrid Calibration Answers

The Hybrid Calibration puzzle table in Spider-Man 2.

During the main storyline of Spider-Man 2 players will need to complete a mission called Healing the World. During this mission, Peter tours the Emily-May Foundation and actively learns about the various scientific endeavors taking place there. Among these projects, there’s one called Hybrid Calibration, which Dr. Foster enthusiastically presents, seeking Peter’s assistance. To advance past this point you must complete three Hybrid Calibration puzzles. The guide below shows you the correct Spider-Man 2 Hybrid Calibration answers.

How to solve the Hybrid Calibration puzzles in Spider-Man 2

To solve the Hybrid Calibration puzzle in Spider-Man 2, you must create a specific sequence for a hybrid plant. Before delving into the main puzzle, Dr. Foster will guide you through two test runs, explaining how things work, and then give you the final test.

Before proceeding, it’s important to note that you are not obligated to complete puzzles in Spider-Man 2. When doing a puzzle you can open the Options Menu and choose “Skip Puzzle” to bypass them entirely. If you do want to do puzzles but want simpler versions, you can turn on Simplified puzzles in the game’s settings.

First Hybrid Calibration Puzzle Solution

The solution to the first puzzle.

In the first puzzle, you only need to address a single attribute. To solve it, simply position the pieces in a way that the four lines connect to each other on all sides, just like it appears in the screenshot above.

Second Hybrid Calibration Puzzle Solution

The solution to the second puzzle.

In the second puzzle, things become a bit more challenging. Now, you have to work with multiple attributes. To solve it match the lines on the sides of each attribute so that they can connect together, just as demonstrated in the screenshot above. The order is:

  1. Leaf (top).
  2. Leaf (middle).
  3. Sun (right).
  4. Water (bottom).

Third Hybrid Calibration Puzzle Solution

The solution to the third puzzle.

The third and final puzzle is the most challenging to complete. You must ensure that you use the correct Plant Attributes as requested by Dr. Foster. This allows for multiple solutions. The successful sequence I used is in the screenshot above.

Upon finishing the third puzzle you will complete the puzzle section. This unlocks the next objective which is to follow Harry to his office to speak more about your new position at the foundation.

While playing through Spider-Man 2, you’ll encounter various puzzles. To access Dr. Connor’s basement, there’s a color-input puzzle. Check our Dr. Connor’s puzzle solution guide for assistance.

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