Spider-Man 2 Home Run Trophy – How to Unlock

Home Run trophy unlocked in Spider-Man 2.

In Spider-Man 2, players have the opportunity to roam the bustling streets of Manhattan while assuming the roles of two iconic web-slingers, Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, and Miles Morales. Amidst their urban adventures, a plethora of engaging activities awaits, ranging from exciting side missions to unlocking hidden trophies. Notably, one of these trophies challenges players to showcase their baseball prowess, a beloved American pastime. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide detailing the steps necessary to unlock the Spider-Man 2 Home Run trophy.

To attain the Spider-Man 2 trophy, you must first progress in the game until you reach the free-roam stage, which becomes available after completing the initial tutorial missions. Once in free-roam mode, you’ll have the opportunity to explore New York.

Where is the Big Apple Ballers Stadium in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Map location of the Big Apple Ballers stadium in Spider-Man 2.
The stadium is located here in Downtown Brooklynn.

To unlock this trophy, you must make your way to the Big Apple Ballers Stadium, situated in Downtown Brooklyn, within the southeastern sector of the Manhattan map. I’ve marked the map above to show you the exact location of the baseball stadium.

How to Round the Bases to Unlock the Home Run Trophy Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

At the Big Apple Ballers Stadium, head down onto the baseball field and proceed to Home Plate. Here we should consult the description of the Home Run Trophy:

Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium

To round the bases start on Home Plate and run the bases in a counterclockwise direction, ensuring you return back to Home. Once you complete this circuit, the Home Run Trophy will be unlocked.

This is just one of a few trophies you can get from visiting specific locations across Manhattan. Be sure to check out our guide to finding Aunt May’s grave and Miles and Phin’s missing science trophy. Additionally, check out our guide to claiming the Spider-Man 2 pre-order and edition bonuses.

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