Spider-Man 2 Dr. Connor’s House Puzzle Solution

The Toy Piano next to the barn icon in Dr Connor's house in Spider-Man 2.

During the main story of Spider-Man 2 players must complete a story mission called New Threads. During this mission Spider-Man goes to Dr. Connors’ house to search for clues for signs of the missing doctor’s whereabouts. Players must complete a puzzle to access a secret basement in order to determine where he has gone. To complete the task see our Spider-Man 2 Dr. Connor’s house puzzle solution guide below.

What is the Color Combination for the Dr. Connor’s House Puzzle?

The solution for the Dr. Connor’s House puzzle is “purple, purple, purple, green.” You can input this combination right after moving the family picture in the kitchen. Inputting this code will immediately unlock the secret door to the basement laboratory.

Dr Connor’s House Door Puzzle Clues Locations

Exit the kitchen and proceed to the living room area. On the left side of this room, you’ll find a child’s toy piano featuring the same four colors as the panel. Approach the toy piano and interact with it. Choose the barn symbol, and the piano will play a melody using the various colored keys. Take note of the first four notes played in the song; these notes hold the key to solving the puzzle.

No matter which method you utilized, unlocking the basement grants Spider-Man access to explore Dr. Connor’s house basement. Within the basement lies a specialized laboratory that the doctor established for his research on his transformation into the Lizard.

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