Sony E3 2017 Conference – Notable Announcements

The final official conference of E3 2017 was held by Sony. Like previous E3s, there was a palpable hype leading into the Sony Conference. I personally felt that Sony’s conference was on the more underwhelming side, but that was just me. Check out the most interesting announcements from the Sony E3 2017 Conference below.

Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds DLC

One of the first trailers shown at the Sony Conference was for Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world, adventure game that was released in February. The trailer shown was for upcoming DLC content, titled The Frozen Wilds. If you are a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony has confirmed more content coming your way!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the first departure by Naughty Dog, from a Nathan Drake helmed Uncharted. The Lost Legacy tells the story of Chloe and Nadine, who are treasure hunting in India. Like other Uncharted games, expect puzzles, sneaking, action set – pieces, and Naughty Dog storytelling.

Days Gone Gets More Gameplay Footage

Days Gone has been teased around a bit and we now have a good look at the game thanks to longer gameplay footage shown at the Sony Conference. Footage of the game, shows off brutal combat ranging from hand to hand to guns. There are also a ton of zombies, including a bear zombie that makes an appearance. Check it out (no official footage out yet).

Monster Hunter World is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Monster Hunter World is coming to both Playstation 4 and Xbox one in early 2018. Not a whole lot is shown off, but we do know that there will be a multiplayer component which sees you and friends taking out huge beasts.

Shadow of the Colossus is Getting Remade

While many people were expecting some type of sequel to Shadow of Colossus, instead it was announced that Shadow of the Colossus will be getting remade. Like other remade games, expect to see modern graphics in the enhanced version.

Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer Footage

Call of Duty: World War II made a brief appearance during Sony’s conference. The trailer shown emphasised the game’s multiplayer mod. In all honesty, from the trailer is appears that Call of Duty: World War II looks similar to Battlefield 1. People will still buy it though!

God of War Has a Child Now

God of War 4 was shown off and has a very Last of Us vibe. This is largely due to the fact that Kratos now has a child who is not like him. This means Kratos must teach his son how to survive in the harsh world, without his God of War abilities.

Detroit: Become Human Shows More Footage

Detroit: Become Human tells the story of an android leading an uprising in a corporate controlled city. The game appears to have many branching choices and decisions to be made, but it’s kind of hard to get a read on what Detroit: Become Human is all about.

Spider – Man Closes the Show With QTEs

I was incredibly surprised that Sony chose to close out their conference with Spider – Man. What makes the announcement and position of the reveal even stranger, is that the Spider – Man features QTE segments which just seemed boring and overly scripted. I have a strange hunch that the choice to feature the Spider – Man game at the end of E3 had something to do with Sony’s upcoming Spider – Man: Homecoming. Anyways, check out the footage.

That’s about all from the Sony E3 2017 conference. Overall I can say this was one of the more disappointing presentations of E3 2017. Sony just didn’t seem really interested in showing off that much stuff. It felt similar in vibe to the EA conference on Saturday.

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What did you think of the Sony E3 2017 conference? Let me know in the Pit below.


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