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Kingdom Come Deliverance has a deep skill system which involves continually using a skill to level it up. If you want to improve lockpicking, you should pick locks; or if you want to improve horsemanship, you should ride your horse. Sometimes though, you may be a level away from reaching a new skill point and just want that quick and dirty extra boost. Here’s where skill trainers come in. Like many RPGs, you will meet certain people in Kingdom Come Deliverance, who can train you. To make life easier for you, I have compiled the skills training locations into this post. Guide is being updated.


Miller Peshek – Rattay Mill

Fist – Fighting

Fist-Fighting Trainer Fritz

Your friend Fritz can train you in Fist-Fighting.

Fritz – Inn at Sasau/Mill in Ledetchko (after “Friend in Need” quest)


Matthew is a Stealth trainer in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Your friend Matthew can train you in Stealth.

Matthew – Inn at Sasau/Mill in Ledetchko (after “Friend in Need” quest)

Miller Woyzeck – Along the river to the the northeast of Rattay Mill


Skill training

Brother Nicodemus – Monastery

Charlatan – Sasau

Apothecary – Rattay


Nicholas (Huntsman) – Talmberg


Nicholas (Huntsman) – Talmberg

I will be adding to this skills training list soon. If you want to add to this, drop trainers names and locations in The Pit below.


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  1. Mark MacDonald says:

    Robard trains in swords, axes, and maces/blunt weapons.

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