The Second Girls Trip Trailer Dropped…

From the director of Undercover BrotherThe Best Man, The Best Man Holiday, and the forthcoming The Best Man Wedding comes Girls Trip, the newest film in the women behaving inappropriately genre (when does Rough Night come out again?). This new trailer is certainly hitting a lot of beats that are sure to bring in the crowds on its release, and there is one moment specifically that I would like to address. Give the trailer a look, and see if a certain moment stands out to you.

Did one moment in particular stand out to you? That moment, when Jaden Smith’s mom urinates on an entire crowd of people? I am not saying that this is a first, but I personally cannot recall a movie trailer showing actual urine coming out of someone, male or female. If you didn’t catch it, go back to 1:10 and enjoy.

It is ridiculous that we are still getting these films that are the aftershocks of 2009’s The Hangover, which popularized watching people on film being terrible (but still “lovable”). 2016’s Bad Moms reportedly made 184 million on a 20 million dollar budget, so I guess it’s not that ridiculous. It’s like the wise big boss @Enricofairme, tzar of HTR always says “forget making something good, just give the people what they want”.

Fan of movies? So are we!


“Look into the eyes of a FilmApe and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world.” - Werner Herzog

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  1. enricofairme says:

    What if I just whip out my titties?

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