Run The Jewels Team Up With Rick and Morty for Music Video

Run The Jewels and Adult Swim have teamed up to create the rap duo’s latest music video starring Rick and Morty. The music video is for the Run The Jewels track “Oh Mama” of the duo’s third album. Watch the music video below.

Run The Jewels x Rick and Morty: Oh Mama

The video follows suited up Rick and Morty as they travel through different universes searching for a lockbox of some kind. During their search, the duo kills a number of different aliens across various universes. The whole video has a very pulpy vibe, but with a Rick and Morty spin on it.

Alongside the release of the collaboration, Adult Swim announced Adult Swim Festival. This is the network’s first festival and it will take place in Los Angeles from October 6 – 7. The festival will feature previews of upcoming shows, stand-up comedy specials, Adult Swim games, and a performance by Run The Jewels.

For more information on the Adult Swim Festival, check out the festival’s website which features ticket sales and accomodations.

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