Rocket League – A love Story

I know what you’re all thinking, I can hear it now, “CaptClue, you can’t fall in love with a videogame, it would never work out. Think about the logistics, you’re a man, Rocket League is only code. You’re getting married this week and you shouldn’t already be splitting your love”. Your words have no effect on me, I have found the game that calls my name, I have found my inner… Binding of Isaac.

Rocket League

My love…

At this point in my RL career I have managed to squeeze in just over 200 hours and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of competing in the game. What impresses me most is that no matter what stage of experience I have been at in the game, the quality of my teammates, or the game type that I play I am sure to laugh out loud at least once every match.

As I have come to grips with my appreciation for this game I find that I am constantly surprised that it keeps on drawing me back in. I mean, if you think about it Rocket League appears to have very little to offer. The variables include, 1 soccer ball, 3 competitive play arena sizes, 1-4 car teams, and a few Hot Wheels inspired go carts to crash around a cage. Pretty standard.

Rocket league

Pretty standard design

While appearing standard in design, Rocket League strikes the perfect balance between mass mayhem and precision accuracy, team coordination and individual skill, and most importantly a whole lot of luck. The physics don’t always make sense but you can’t help but grin when a ball seems to magically shoot across the field, bound for the net while spamming,

Other times intentional aerobatics make you feel like a god among tiny men, able to break the ankles of a defender, float like a butterfly through the air, and maneuver around any obstacle your opponent’s attempt to place in your way.

The mix of skill and luck in my humble opinion makes this game so much fun for everyone that plays. The competitive play is built extremely well, allowing you to test your metal against other seasoned pros… or couch potatoes, and the many side social games put a twist on the game that are fantastic when you just want a break.

Rocket league

This is definitely CaptClue and not come other player’s sceenshot

I have often found it difficult to complete large game titles, most recently The Witcher 3 has fallen to the way side and for no other reason than me getting distracted. With large stories I find myself lost when I return from a significant break, or wanting to play something for a short amount of time instead of having the wide universe of other games begging for a whole day’s play. Rocket League gives fast and quick punches, setting all game types at 5 minutes, with the possibility of an undetermined overtime ending as soon as the next goal.

I love being able to get on and off Rocket League quickly and still feel like something was accomplished when I played, even if it was only several losses in a row.
This game is already my leading time dump on Steam and for any of you that have wondered if you would enjoy it I highly recommend parting with the paltry $20 expense to try it out. The game has it all, competition, great matchmaking, private play, constant laughs and of course, my heart.

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Editor’s Note: CaptClue’s Rocket League (general run of the mill) stats vs, Enricofairme’s stats (Top 0.03% shot percentage).

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CaptClue met Enricofairme many years ago, likely driving him to be the successful HtR owner that he is today. CaptClue loves competition of all sorts and that passion has pushed him to greatness in all things, be it gaming, writing or living life to the fullest.

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  1. I dont know how I reached to this but are you still in love?

  2. FilmApe says:

    This article is strange…

  3. CaptClue says:

    I knew the salt would be dropping when people heard about my hidden love.

  4. Leonard Campbell says:

    So this is why we don’t hangout

  5. enricofairme says:

    Write a follow up after you’re married and we will see if the love is still there…

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