Rocket League Basketball Mode Coming

With the NBA playoffs in full swing (let’s go Raptors), Psyonix is getting into the spirit of the season with their new basketball mode for Rocket League. Slated to release on April 26 by way of a free update, the new content will give players access to what is essentially a basketball mode. The mode will come with a new arena called the ‘Dunk House’, and will feature a hoop that will act as both a ramp for the ball and all sorts of vehicle jumps and trick shots. Now if this free update has your wallet bulging, there will also be a DLC pack that features all 30 NBA team flags for $1.99. This update is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.  I am excited to play this new update, and cant wait to take the same face palming shots that Kyle Lowry hoists in the the fourth quarter. Check out the teaser below:


What do you think? Will I see you on the hardwood? Let me know in the pit below. 



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  1. FilmApe says:

    Chance that I’ll be any better at this than I am at regular Rocket League…0%

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