Ritaag Zumo Shrine Guide – Location, Puzzle Solutions and Treasure Chests

On the northwest coast of Hyrule you will find the Rist Peninsula. The Rist Peninsula is home to the Ritaag Zumo shrine which can be accessed by completing the Into the Vortex shrine quest. To help you complete this shrine and its quest, use our Ritaag Zumo shrine guide below.

Into the Vortex Shrine Quest

Before you can access the Ritaag Zumo shrine, you need to complete the Into the Vortex shrine quest. This quest is unlocked by grabbing the ancient orb on the ridge to the south of the Rist Peninsula. The ancient orb can be found sitting beside a gravestone which has the inscription, “Only a hero bearing this ancient orb shall be granted the right of trial on Rist Peninsula”. To simplify, all you need to do is take the ancient orb and put it in the pedestal at the center of Rist Peninsula. While this may sound simple, the journey itself is rather long and dangerous. Be sure you are prepared to face a number of enemies along the way. Here are some tips for the journey:

  • If you don’t want to fight enemies, use consumables that increase movement speed so you can run by them.
  • If you do want to fight everything, bring a lot of healing consumables, weapons, and arrows.

Ritaag Zumo Shrine Location

The Ritaag Zumo shrine is located on the Rist Peninsula which is in northeast area of Hyrule, to the south of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. The peninsula has a very distinct, twirl like shape to it, which makes it very easy to recognize. Once you complete the Into the Vortex shrine quest, the Ritaag Zumo shrine will appear for you to access it.

Ritaag Zumo Shrine Guide

Inside the Ritaag Zumo shrine there isn’t any type of challenge to complete. All you need to do here is open the treasure chest to get a Giant Ancient Core and then talk with Ritaag Zumo to receive your Spirit Orb. Once you complete this, you will be returned to the shrine entrance.

Ritaag Zumo Shrine Treasure

  • 1x Giant Ancient Core
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