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The second story mission in Watch Dogs Legion is called Restart DedSec. This story missions takes place immediately after the Operation Westminster mission as the very start of the game. As the name of the mission suggests you will be spending your time in this mission getting DedSec back up and running again. To do this use our guide below.

Infiltrate Blume Data Center

Image showing the Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion.

After the title screen and following cutscene you will regain control looking through a security camera at a Spiderbot. Look at the Spiderbot and hijack it to take control. Once you have control follow the path forward and jump over the ledge when prompted. On the other side of the ledge approach the vent that has what appears to be a sort-of cat door in it. Interact with the vent to go through it. On the otherside look along the wall to your right for a hack-able server. Upload the virus.

Access 3 ctOS Data Clusters

After you’ve uploaded the virus the server will drop down below and two ledges will appear allowing you to reach the area above by jumping. Do this to trigger a new objective that is to access 3 ctOS Data Clusters. Each data cluster will appear marked with mission objective. Simply run over to them and interact with them to complete this objective.

Hack ctOS London

Once all three of the 3 ctOS Data Clusters have been accessed return to the center of the platform. Here you will find a hackable server that allows you to hack ctOS London. Do this now to trigger a cutscene.

Select Your First Operative

After the cutscene you will be able to select your First Operative. This selection screen is made up of random characters that have their own look and perks. Since the characters are random my suggestion is to pick an operative you want to play. Note as you progress the game you will have way more available to you so don’t waste a ton of time on this process.

Locate the Safehouse Entrance

Once you’ve selected your first operative you will take control of them out in the streets of London. From here you will need to find the first DedSec safehouse. The location of the safehouse is The Earl’s Fortune. Jump in a car, open your map, set a waypoint on the quest marker (yellow), and make the short trek over to this pub.

Inside the pub there is a locked door marked Private you will need to enter. Before you can enter this door you need to solve the puzzle. To solve the Private door puzzle highlight the lock so you can see where the circuits are headed. From here look for grey sections you can rotate to complete the circuit. Once these sections are attached look for locked sections you need to unlock and rotate. Once all of the sections are attached the door will light up blue and will become accessible.

In the Private room interact with the pipe on the left side to reveal a secret opening that leads to the DedSec safehouse. Once this is revealed head forward and enter the door to enter the safehouse.

Power Up the Safehouse

Image showing how to power up the safehouse in Watch Dogs Legion.

Inside the safehouse you will be surrounded by mannequins. To the right and left you will find audio logs if that’s your thing. To get the power on head down the stairs and take a left to reach the safehouse area. Approach the computer on your left and interact with it. This will boot up the auxiliary power. You will now need to complete a number of menial tasks:

  • Activate Bagley’s Server: Can be found upstairs. Interact with it. Mask on ground nearby. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.
  • Call Sabine: Use the console on the ground floor to trigger a cutscene.
  • Collect Your Equipment: Access the workbench nearby to complete this objective.
    • Purchase a New Gadget on the Tech Tab: Buy either Infiltrator Spiderbot or AR Cloak for 10 Tech.
    • Equip Gadget on Team Tab: Equip the newly purchased gadget on your operative via the Team Tab.
  • Access the DedSec Shop: Interact with the shop.

Enter the Boxing Ring

Once you’ve completed the list above you will be prompted to enter the Boxing Ring. This location can be accessed down the hallway next to the auxiliary power computer. Choose to start melee training to begin a brief tutorial about fighting in the game. Complete the tutorial by doing the different actions when prompted. Defeat Connie after the tutorial.

After you’ve finished the combat tutorial you will be prompted to leave the safehouse. When you are ready head out the way you came to return to the pub. In the pub you will complete the mission and will receive 400 credits. You will receive the next mission to complete called Light a Spark.

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